One thing to always remember that if you see suspicious activity, speeding etc in the neighborhood always call the police first.


Some frequently asked questions.

1.  Does the board get paid or free dues?  No, it is against the by-laws.  Everyone is a volunteer.

2.  What if my neighbor is playing loud music?  This is a civil matter and the Pooler Police Department should be called

3.  What if I see kids breaking into the pool?  Call the Police Department immediately.

4.  What does the HOA board do?
        a.  Responsible for maintenance of the common areas and pool.
        b.  Common gathering for homeowners to express their concerns about the neighborhood.
        c.  Collection of dues and paying for maintenance of the common areas.
5.  When will the yearly financials be posted?  We plan to each year post them by March 1st.  This gives time to have an audit performed and taxes (if any) are paid.

6.  What are the pool hours and rules?  See the Pool tab on the website.

7.  What if I need to replace my mail box?  Savannah Iron works in Richmond hill has the post, also can find the box themselves at Lowes or Home Depot.  **Updated, As of 4/19/17 Precision Welding & Fabrication, Stephen Williams, Owner, at 912-844-9656 will now be our point of contact for any service a homeowner needs for their mailbox and post.  The approximate cost provided in 2017 is $245.00.

8.  Can I trim trees in the common areas that are between houses?    This area is required to stay natural, however if a limbs or bushes are growing into your fence you reserve the right to cut them back as long as they are 4 inches in diameter and below.  

9.  Can I throw my grass clippings into the common wooded areas?   No this will disrupt the natural area.  Pooler will pick up the clippings on designated days and they can be taken to city locations for disposal. 

10.  Why are there  no more than 20 guests allowed at the pool?  Going over this amount has caused traffic issues.